Describe your DJ style

We keep you in the spotlight and do not make ourselves the centre of attention or rely on outdated techniques to keep your party going.


We carry thousands of songs from the past to today’s cutting edge new tracks and remixes.  Within this universe of music we should have something for everyone. All music is licensed by CONNECT.

How can you make my event exciting and memorable

Seamless mixing between genres, flawless song selection, expert DJ technique, custom grand entrances, advanced lighting options and much more.

How accessible is our DJ

You will receive full access by phone, email and face to face meetings throughout the entire planning process.

What is your typical attire

Formal suit and tie unless otherwise specified.

Do you require the client to provide a meal

A meal is not mandatory and we do not take breaks.

Do you have specific space requirements

While space requirements vary depending on system and lighting configurations you will be informed by your DJ in advance if space is any concern.

If you do not have certain songs do you require the client to provide them

Our music library is extensive so candidly we may already carry it.  In the event that you do not find a particular song, simply let us know and we will make an effort to locate it for you in time for your event.

Can you provide music for our ceremony

We offer onsite ceremony music services including sound system, wireless microphone, music preparation and coordination with venue.  Please contact us for further details.

How do you manage set-up time

These logistics are arranged in advance and we typically plan to complete each event set-up 60-90 minutes prior to the contracted start time.

When does overtime apply and what is your overtime rate

Overtime applies to any portion of time over and above the contracted performance period and is charged at $80 per hour billed in half-hour increments.

Do you charge for travel

Travel fee may apply to certain destinations outside the Ottawa area. Please contact us for further details.

Do you take music requests

For the convenience of your guests, you will receive a link to share with them in advance so they may pre-select songs from our online music library.  Please contact us for further details.

What makes your company worth the investment

As a DJ service that has received several industry awards for our work we genuinely care about the success of your event and we will go over and above to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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